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    does anyone know if there is a quick way to determine the type of a given named form element?<BR><BR>For example,<BR><BR>if (document.frm.input1.type = text) <BR><BR>or something to that effect.

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    If you had just done<BR><BR>alert( "type of input1 is " + document.frm.input1.type );<BR><BR>you&#039;d see the answer.<BR><BR>Note: In JS, types are *strings*, not keywords, so you have to compare vs. a string.<BR><BR>Oh...and if you really used this code:<BR><BR>if (document.frm.input1.type = text) <BR><BR>even changing text to "text", you wouldn&#039;t get meaningful results. Can you see why?<BR><BR>

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