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    Default ASP recordset paging

    I want to do asp recordset paging like this,<BR>display records 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40,41-50 and if there are records more than 50 than i want to give link more and when user click on more link it suppose to display 51-60, ----to 91-100, so basically i want to give more and previous link after 5 pages (50 records) please explain it to me. <BR>

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    Default There are MANY examples of paging...

    ... on<BR><BR>Ok, they don&#039;t do EXACTLY what you want, but what&#039;s the problem with modifying the code?<BR><BR>Do you have a specific question, or do you want a few pages of example code? If so, I charge £100 per hour for consultancy. I forego the charge to answer questions on this board, but I won&#039;t give you the entire of the code.<BR><BR>If I give you all the code, you will just come back here when you want to modify it and can&#039;t, so I make more work for myself :)<BR><BR>Any questions, feel free to ask.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Well..

    When a MAN loves a WOMAN... they have sex... she gets pregnant... and they have a child... and that is where babies come from...<BR><BR>you explained paging pretty well yourself by the way.<BR><BR>sponge

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