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    I am developing a web application that uses the response.servervariables("Logon_User"). When I test the application on my machine, the value of Logon_User is showed, but when I try to access this web application from another machine on the intranet an error comes out : Login failed for usre NT Authority/Anonymus User. the application is accessing a SQL server Database on a seperated machine for SQL Server. I have set the permission in IIS for Windows authentication on a Windows 2000 environment.<BR><BR>I have also tried to use basic authentication, but the value of Logon_User does not come up, when I test the application on my machine or on another machine on the intranet of my company<BR><BR>Could anyone tell me what is the solution?<BR>

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    If you stick the following at the start of the page, then it forces a a user name/password logon if the variable is empty.<BR><BR>If Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") = "" Then<BR> Response.Status = "401 Access Denied"<BR> Response.End<BR>End If<BR><BR>

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