hello everyone<BR>We are looking some software or program who can generate username and password(automatically)when user submit their email address at our site then they should get an username and password by email.rest we know how to check wheather he is valid if it comes into our msaccess database but do not know how to send them emails by username and auto generated password.we would love to buy if their is anysoftware or program.<BR>we are also looking something else too which will search in our database for something and then send emails to users too .<BR><BR>thanks a lot !we are really in need of this.<BR>thanks a lot.we know we are going to use ntserver for our site and we know we can write some program with help of cdonts but we do not know how to do ?how to generate unique password and mailto users.anyhelp will be really appreciated.<BR>can send us email at madsai@hotmail.com too.