Mails dropped into 'Badmail' directory

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Thread: Mails dropped into 'Badmail' directory

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    I have ASP page to send the form info to an email address:<BR><BR>myMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR>myMai l.BodyFormat = 0;<BR>myMail.MailFormat = 0; <BR>myMail.From = From;<BR>myMail.To = SendTo;<BR>myMail.Subject = Subject;<BR>myMail.Body = BodyString;<BR>myMail.Cc = SendCc;<BR><BR>myMail.Send();<BR><BR>But all mails have not been received by &#039;SendTo&#039;, it have been<BR>dropped into C:InetpubmailrootBadmail on the server.<BR>What are you think about this. May be something with incorrect settings on the IIS, may be security, because Windows 2000 is on the server?<BR>Thanks, Taneger

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    Default Congratulations, crosspost #2 <eop>


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