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    I&#039;m not sure how to do this, but JOIN is what I am thinking. I have this SELECT statement:<BR><BR>sSQL="SELECT DISTINCT EmailAddress, OnlineContact.MemberID, OnlineContact.Name FROM Address JOIN OnlineContact ON Address.AddressID=OnlineContact.AddressId " _<BR> &"JOIN MemberProfile ON OnlineContact.MemberId=MemberProfile.MemberId WHERE EmailAddress LIKE &#039;%@%&#039; ""<BR><BR>which I need to modify. I have a separate table called MemberFamily in which members choose which product families they are interested in. One member may have 1-20 listings in this table. Before I gather email addresses and names with the above SELECT statement, I need to SELECT MemberID FROM MemberFamily WHERE WireFamilyID=Request.Form("WireFamilyID"), so only the proper member&#039;s recieve my search requests.<BR><BR>Can anyone help???<BR><BR>

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    How about...<BR><BR>sSQL="SELECT DISTINCT EmailAddress, OnlineContact.MemberID, OnlineContact.Name FROM " _<BR>&" Address, OnlineContact, MemberProfile, MemberFamily WHERE Address.AddressID=OnlineContact.AddressId " _<BR>&" AND OnlineContact.MemberId=MemberProfile.MemberId AND EmailAddress LIKE &#039;%@%&#039; AND WireFamilyID="&Request.Form("WireFamilyID")<BR>

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