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    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me.<BR><BR>A friend has written a software application in VB6 for around a 100 of his clients and needs a way to check its usage.<BR><BR>Each week the client has to visit his web site (using a url the software creates) to update the software. The software creates the URL after reading a text file on their hard disk. For instance<BR><BR>The part I am struggling with is getting those parameters and inserting them into my access database. All previous database work I have done has been in ultradev with forms which ultradev pretty much does itself.<BR><BR>I have asked on various forums and have been given a few suggestions but none seem to work. can anybody tell me how this is done or point me to a tutorial. I am relatively new to ultradev & asp so I am by no means an expert. I was told the following would work and although it produces no errors the<BR>database stays empty.<BR><BR>*****************<BR>Use Command Query in UDev, choose UPDATE<BR><BR>UPDATE usage<BR>SET USES = varUSES<BR>WHERE ID = varID<BR><BR>varUSES REQUEST.QUERYSTRING("uses")<BR>varID REQUEST.QUERYSTRING("id")<BR><BR>***************** ***<BR><BR>The connection name is con_log, the table name is usage and the fields are<BR>ID & Uses<BR><BR>Can anybody help.<BR><BR><BR>Many Thanks<BR><BR><BR><BR>LH<BR>

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    varUses = Request.QueryString("uses")<BR>varID = Request.QueryString("id")<BR><BR>set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>conn.Op en con_log<BR>(The above code assumed that con_log was the connectionString. If con_log is a DSN, then substitute "DSN=con_log")<BR><BR>sSQL = "UPDATE usage SET Uses = " & varUses & " WHERE ID = " & varID<BR><BR>conn.Execute sSQL<BR>

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