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    How do you display a group header, eg<BR><BR>FRUIT<BR>Apples<BR>Pears<BR>Oranges<BR>< BR>VEG<BR>Cabbage<BR>Broccoli<BR><BR>Assuming both the header and the item all live in one table (I dont have a table for my headers...)<BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    There is a FAQ on this. Take a look at that.<BR><BR>Simply, you order your recordset first by Group and then by Item. As you loop through the group, you check to see if the current record&#039;s group matches the previous record&#039;s group. If not, display the header. Either way, then display the item.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default Awwww...come on...

    Why spoil my fun???<BR><BR>You *know* that you are supposed to say:<BR><BR>"There is a link to the ASPFAQs at the top right corner of most every page on this site, including the one you are reading right now."<BR><BR>Without that quote, your post isn&#039;t nearly as pedantic-sounding!<BR><BR>

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