&nbsp;<BR>Hello!<BR><BR><BR>I looked at your code on 4guysfromRolla.com. I have a further question.<BR><BR>environment: VI 6.0/IIS 4.0/SQL 7.0/ASP/VBScript<BR><BR>I am trying to pass a parameterized query through a recordset to a dataenvironment SQL call. The pass data type is a variable that holds a number. The parameter call keeps choking. This is what I have tried so far:<BR><BR> 1. In the recordset object I opened it via code. I retrieved the value from a "POST" method on an ASP page and used the request.form object for the call. The syntax was wrong - wrong data type. It wants a string (I think) I opened it after the value had been passed. Timing was correct.<BR><BR>2. I used the recordset SQL Builder and tried to pass by code. Choke.<BR>The code was:<BR><BR>rs.setparameter (0, variable)<BR>rs.open()<BR><BR>There was more - obviously - but this is where it choked. The variable was the one passed via ASP and the request object. It was a number - and it was a string (tried something different).<BR><BR>3. Manual coding. Tried it all. Books, articles, net. It chokes on the variable passed.<BR><BR>4. Many, many others.<BR><BR><BR><BR>The main questions is this:<BR><BR>the document is set to use VBScript for client and server (I can control the browser). What is the correct syntax for the variable I pass for both a string (I think the one of the site answered that) and - more importantly - with a variable that is a number. The variable is PROBABLY being passed as a variant since I did not subconvert it.<BR><BR><BR>What is the syntax for passing variables?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR><BR><BR>