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    Hi-<BR><BR>Is there anything related to files, folders, and drives that ASP can change? Such as Permissions, Type, ect.<BR><BR>Best,<BR>Jeremy#121<BR>

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    Well, the only way to change Type in Windows is to change the extension of the file. So I guess you could change Type by renaming a file, which you do in FSO with the MoveFile method.<BR><BR>As for the attributes (what you called Permissions), sure...*if* the Web server has write permission in a directory, *then* it can change various attributes for a file.<BR><BR>See this:<BR><BR><BR>As you can see there, only 3 of the attributes listed can be changed; the others are all read only.<BR><BR>For other properties, check them out in the docs! For example:<BR><BR><BR>

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