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    Im trying to use the ad component and have the folling code in the AdShedule.txt file<BR><BR>border 0<BR>height 60<BR>width 468<BR>*<BR>graphics/banners/auction1.gif<BR><BR>Visit auction it.<BR>40<BR>graphics/banners/gladetech.gif<BR><BR>get your company on the world wide web<BR>40<BR>graphics/banners/ipoints.gif<BR><BR>get iPoints.<BR>30<BR><BR><BR>and the ad&#039s do rotate alright, but the link isn&#039t working they all just link to the gif image instead of the http one I have specified. Does anyone have any ideas on fixing this? Have I made a mistake somewhere?<BR><BR>Thanks alot.<BR><BR>Caroline

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    Caroline - provided you&#039re using the same component as I am (the standard one shipped with IIS 4.0), what I think you need to do is add the following line at the start of your .txt file:-<BR><BR>REDIRECT /somepath/adredir.asp<BR><BR>adredir.asp should then contain the following line of code:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect(Request.QueryString ("url"))<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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