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    is there a way i can stop people looking at a text file????<BR><BR>i can stop people looking at my asp pages by checking a cookie<BR><BR>can i do that with a text file???<BR><BR>or can i rename the file extension or something so i can<BR><BR><BR>is this possible?????<BR>or should i use something other than a text file?

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    if you rename it with an extension other than .txt, the browser won&#039;t have a MIME type, but the user could still be given the option to download it, rename it and then view it.<BR><BR>if you can use cookies to protect an ASP, why couldn&#039;t you do the same for a text file?<BR><BR>Also, why can&#039;t you just set file permissions on that file on the server?

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    how could i use cookies on a text file?<BR>is it the same as asp?<BR>also im using a free asp server so i cant change permissions<BR><BR>thanks :)<BR>

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