Hi,<BR><BR>I was trying to create an DSN which connects to Oracle Database.<BR><BR>I did the folowing steps <BR><BR>Start==&#062;Settoings==&#062;Control Panel==&#062; Administartive tools==&#062; DataSources(ODBC).<BR><BR>Then I Selected System DSN and I click Add button to add Driver.<BR><BR>I selected Microsoft ODBC for Oracle Driver.<BR><BR>It was asking for Data Source Name, User Name, Server Name. What should I give for User Name and Server Name. <BR><BR>I have Oracle 8.1.7 Personal Edition Installed on my System.<BR><BR>Also In order to connect to Oracle Database do I need Oracle Enterprise Editon or Oracle 8.1.7 Personal edition is enough?<BR><BR>Please give me some Instructions<BR>-Ram<BR><BR>