I&#039m running on Windows 95 and have installed PWS via NT option pack 4. <BR>When I first start the PC I can access an ASP page and get the results I want (Linking to Access 97 to creating a recordset and placing results on the browser)...no problem.. <BR>I then edit the .asp file and add another line...The browser constantly tries to find the page..no joy, then after a few attempts I get <BR>HTTP Error 403 <BR>403.9 Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected <BR>I&#039m the only one using it...!! <BR>I then re-boot and again I can access the .asp file and the new code displays very kindly through the browser...Edit the code or try another .asp file and problems again... <BR>I did have a corrupt metadata.dll but managed top delete it and reload PWS and with no errors.. <BR>Any help <BR>Thanks <BR>