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    I have a query(s) that when I come in in the morning will timeout. I get a script timeout error. I have looked everywhere for this but all they say is that I have an infinite loop... Which I do not. The funny thing is that if I run the query again it comes back fine. It will work the rest of the day fine. It is just the first time coming in in the morning. I am not the only one that has the problem. Also it happens to more that just one query. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am thinking it has something to do with the driver (Microsoft Oracle for ODBC) and it having problems initializing, but I am not sure. Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds more like a database performance issue - a question for your DB Admin. Likely as not, the query is not in memory first thing in morning, the Admin having run a cleanup the previous night. First time you ask for the query, Oracle must load it in memory. From then on its in parsed form in memory and can be used.

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