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Thread: please help with dual list boxes

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    Default please help with dual list boxes

    i wanted to use dual list boxes so that i could use one list box for generating all the items which are there in the database and two buttons called add and delete will be placed by the side of the list box and the second list box called desired list box where the added or deleted item would be there.when the user clicks on add , then the added item would go into the database.<BR>when the user clicks on delete, the item would get deleted from database.this facility should be incorporated in an update page which already has a submit button.<BR>any help in this regard would be appreciated.<BR>thanks.<BR>

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    Default Where does the info to add...

    ...come from????<BR><BR>If it&#039;s already in the DB, why do you need to add it???<BR><BR>Anyway, take a peek at and my old dual lists demo there.<BR><BR>Not exactly what you asked for, but maybe it will get you started?<BR><BR>

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