Hi all,<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if this is possible, but I&#039m trying to do something where I can show multiple records on top of each other in a graphical manner. If I have a table with 12 cells. Three of these cells are coloured red, but the last cell is the start of 4 blue cells. Obviously this cell would need to become purple (using colour addition, as with pigment), and I would like the cell to also become a bit darker, in case we have two red areas intersecting. <BR><BR>If anyone knows how to add two (or more) haxadecimal values together, and also to adjust the hue slightly, I would be really grateful. Otherwise I&#039m going to have to work out all possible values in advance and try to match up the correct one for the cell in question, which is going to be a pain.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance?<BR><BR>Daniel Newman.