This was posted in the JScript forum a week ago. There were no responses. So I post it here in hopes of a reply, even if it is conformation that it can&#039;t be done.<BR><BR>Our site runs on an Intranet and all the ASP files and Includes are in JScript. The messaging system is MS Exchange and MAPI profiles will not be available on the server.<BR><BR>That is why we want to do this: <BR>//Use CDO - Not CDONTS<BR>var oSession = Server.CreateObject ("MAPI.Session");<BR>//Use a temporary profile - This is the problem<BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1
MISDept"); <BR> or <BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1x0AMISDept") ; <BR><BR>However the logon method returns either a "Type Mismatch" error with the above logon statements or an "Invalid Character" error with the following statements. <BR><BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1" +
+ "MISDept"); <BR> or <BR>oSession.Logon ("","",false,false,"",false,"Exchg1" + x0A + "MISDept"); <BR><BR>The last value, ProfileInfo is the problem. <BR>A VB example shows "&#060;servername&#062;" & vbLF & "&#060;mailboxname&#062;" as the string. <BR>A C++ example shows "&#060;servername&#062;
&#060;mailboxname&#062;" as the string. <BR><BR>Anyone know how to convert this Session.Logon method to JScript?<BR>