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    Hi All,<BR><BR>Yesterday I tried to update my Beta 2 to ASP.NET V.1<BR>I uninstalled my Beta 2 Framework first but left my Beta 2 VS.NET installed, I then installed the ASP.NET V.1 and tried to run my application and it failed with the following error message.<BR><BR>========================<BR> Type &#039;LoginUser.LoginUser&#039; is not defined<BR>========================<BR><BR>LoginUs er is a class that worked before. I then opened up VS.NET to try and recompile the .Dll and came across a error saying something like &#039;could not convert licences.lscx to binary&#039;.<BR><BR>So I renamed the licence file to .old and recompiled but still have the same problem. I then tried to edit a .aspx file to comment out that little piece of code and got the following error message.<BR><BR>======================<BR>The file failed to load in the Web Form designer. Please correct the following error, then load it again: Method not found: System.Object[] System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetObjectsF orNativeVariants(IntPtr, Int32).<BR>======================<BR><BR>This is happening on all my files and I can&#039;t get anything to work.<BR><BR>I have tried re-installing the framework and Visual Studio but it still doesn&#039;t work<BR><BR>I am now stuck in the situation with The Beta 2 .NET framework installed but not active (because for some reason I can now not uninstall it?).<BR>The ASP.NET V.1 Framework installed and activated.<BR>And Visual Studio Beta 2 installed.<BR><BR>Please say someone out there knows how to fix this.<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR>Gavin Mannion

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    Gavin, I have no idea what to do, to be honest. The Microsoft docs state: Important: Please remove all Beta versions of ASP.NET before installing Version 1. So that is likely the problem. I&#039;d encourage you to ask this question on the following ListServ, which is commonly frequented by ASP.NET Team Members at Microsoft:<BR>

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