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    This is no doubt a totally stupid question, but I&#039;ll ask anyway. <BR><BR>I have all my db files on my hosts server in one folder. I want to create a backup on the server of these files, and was looking into a method of doing this online rather than logging in via ftp and manually copying all of the files. <BR><BR>Would it be possible, using a batch file, or asp itself, to copy a folder and all of its contents, into another folder. So for e.g. something like:<BR><BR>copy all contents of db folder into a new folder called backup?<BR><BR>Fantastical stupidity on a vast scale I am sure, but you&#039;ve got to try!<BR><BR>Jim

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    Default Ive not done it myself

    But isn&#039;t the answer to use WSH (windows scripting host) on the server.<BR><BR>Basically you schedule vbs file to run at the intervals you specify.<BR><BR>gorvy<BR><BR>

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    Default WSH or AspExec by<eop>


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