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    Halo,<BR><BR>Just wondering what is wrong with my code:<BR><BR>document.layers[&#039layer1&#039].location = "&#060;%=Application("WEB_SERVER")%&#062;airRecord .asp?origin="+ selectcity + "&destination=" + selectdes + "&departure=" + departureDate + "&trip=ON&submit=1";<BR><BR>Error message in Netscape is:<BR>"document.layers.layer1 has no properties." or "document.layers.layer1 has no function." <BR><BR>Thank you and ps enlighten

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    I think you may have a javascript problem. Not sure of the entire context, but<BR><BR>(1) There is no location property for a Layer; there is a DOCUMENT property for a layer, which in turn has a location parameter (document.layers[&#039layer1&#039].document.location), but...<BR><BR>(2) The document property is read-only.<BR><BR>There is a layer.src property which contains the source URL of a layer&#039s contents -- could that be what you&#039re looking to use?

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