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    Hi<BR><BR>is the only way to allow a user to download a file from a webserver to provide a link and ask them to right click and use <BR>"save target as". <BR><BR>I know that if they don&#039;t have the mime type for that file mapped it will ask them if they want to download it, but what about the files where they could have the mime type mapped?<BR><BR>I don&#039;t care about Netscape - IE only.

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    Although, you SHOULD care about Netscape. That 5 percent or so of the browser market it has is usually the 5% of the company which sits above you in the pecking order.<BR><BR>If you show your boss an application, there&#039;s a good chance they&#039;ll test it in Netscape and then throw all the errors back at you.<BR><BR>That said, there&#039;s a cross-browser answer.<BR><BR>As you said - the browser will automatically try and open things for which it understands the MIME type. As a result, you send it a MIME type it won&#039;t understand. like "unknown/exe" or something.<BR><BR>There are several tutorials on about streaming a file to a client. Try a quick search. may help too.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not going to write an article which I know already exists :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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