How to Create File in a Remote PC??

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Thread: How to Create File in a Remote PC??

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    Hi Guys, <BR><BR> I am having a problem in creating a text file in a remote machine using my asp application. the remote machine folder has all write access, but still i get error msg as permission denied. Actually i need this to log user entry from my application( in case the database server fails or is not running), but this file should not be i the web server, but in a remote machine( a networked machine). <BR>Here are List of things i tried and the errors i got : <BR><BR>1. Mapped the remot machine in the web server and used simple CreateTextFile using FileSystemObject. <BR><BR>Error: Cannot Create Object <BR><BR>2. Created a File DSN for CSV file to write into a virtual subdirectory which is physically pointing to remote machine. <BR><BR>Error: Permission Denied. <BR><BR>Pls suggest how to overcome these errors or any other way to accomplish the same. <BR>Thanks in advance and expecting response from all, <BR>Josh

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    Default Crosspost answered in Q&A forum <eop>


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