[2 in a series]<BR><BR>What is the correct syntax to perform an outer join with two other tables which are inner joined? I tried:<BR><BR>SELECT tblONE.*, tblTWO.*, tblTHREE.* FROM tblONE LEFT OUTER JOIN (tblTWO INNER JOIN tblTHREE ON tblTWO.x = tblTHREE.x) ON tblONE.x = tblTHREE.x WHERE tblONE.x = tblTWO.x<BR><BR>as well as several other variations. Basically, what I&#039m trying to do is include table data from one which does not correspond with two or three, which have been conjoined due to some common trait. SQL Server Query Analyzer doesn&#039t seem to have any problems with this statement, but the recordset is empty (but is full if I leave the outer join off).<BR><BR>Anyone have some sample code that does this, or is what I&#039m trying to do illegal? I&#039m a bit new to in depth SQL, so I&#039m still learning. <BR><BR>