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    hi dear experts<BR>i have a question about call statements<BR>in asp page .. i want put a code in<BR>a string variable then run that code ..<BR>can i use this way ?<BR>for example :<BR><BR>dim sum, text1<BR>text1 = "sum=sum+1"<BR><BR>now , i want run code by call<BR>text1 variable somehow ..<BR>thanks<BR>bye<BR> <BR><BR> <BR>

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    Default EXECUTE statement...

    also EXECUTE GLOBAL.<BR><BR>BUT...<BR><BR>But these are *EVIL* things to use! They are *real* performance hogs. See my comments in the thread, not far below, about EVAL.<BR><BR>Same thing.<BR><BR>What excuse do *you* have for needing/wanting to do this? I have *never* found a case in VBScript where an app developer really *needs* EVAL or EXECUTE. There&#039;s always been a way around them.<BR><BR>Can you be the first? Can you prove me wrong?<BR><BR>

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