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    I am quite a newbie to asp,but have been given a project to work on. Its a site that has about 5 main sections, and each one has a number of sections and sub sections. The content will have to updated on a regular basis along with (lists, images). Anyone got any pointers for learning about tutorials/code to help me plan how i could approach this type of site?<BR>thanks<BR>dom

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    Well let me be the first to say "Welcome! Good job in choosing ASP" I am a newbie also when compared to many of the experts you will see around here. Are you familiar with using Server Side Includes? What kind of Database will you be working with?<BR><BR>Keep your DSN user login and password in an Include file with a .asp extension. In fact all your Include files should have a .asp extension. Stay away from Global session variables if you can. Pass your data through Request.Form or Request.Querystring. Is this too basic or are you looking for more advanced architecture / design examples?<BR><BR><BR>

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