Hi<BR><BR>We have successfully developed an ASP application for the intranet. The development environment was Win NT 4.0, IIS 4 and ASP 2.0. The browser used was IE 4 only (intranet). Right now we are trying to run our application on Win 2000 server (eval version, Build-5.00.2128) and are facing two main issues which are listed below.<BR><BR>Issue #1<BR>-----------<BR><BR>"NTLM" - "Negotiate"<BR><BR>The authentication type setting used on NT was "NT Challenge Response - NTLM" and now on Win 2000, we are using "Integrated windows authentication" which is supposed to be same as "NT Challenge Response" authentication. In our application code, we are checking for the authentication type to be "NTLM" (basically Request.ServerVariables("Auth_Type") was being checked).<BR><BR>On NT, the "Auth_Type" server variable used to return "NTLM", but now on Win 2K server, if the browser is opened from another win 2k machine (server or client) the value for the "Auth_Type" server variable is returned as "Negotiate". If the server is Win 2K but the browser is opened from an NT/98 machine, the value is still coming as "NTLM". <BR><BR>What is the idea behind "Negotiate"... is the behaviour of "Negotiate" same as that of "NTLM"..... have we missed out on anything ??.. what other things do we need to take care of while porting to Win 2K.<BR><BR><BR>Issue #2<BR>-----------<BR><BR>Recordsets and Session Variables<BR><BR>Here we have a strange problem. Lets say i have a recordset rst1 and i set it to a session variable.<BR><BR>set Session("ssn_rst") = rst1<BR><BR>This statement works without any problems. Now i have another recordset rst2. I try to set it to the same session variable "ssn_rst"... remember that this session variable is already pointing to a recordset.<BR><BR>set Session("ssn_rst") = rst2<BR><BR>At this statement an exception is raised... the details of which are<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------<BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01FB)<BR>An exception occurred: &#039Session&#039<BR>/authen/rst.asp, line 67<BR>--------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Basically this happens when i try to point a sesssion variable which is already pointing to a recordset, to a new recordset. This was never a problem on "Win NT + IIS4 + ASP2.0". The problem is only on Win 2K + IIS5 + ASP3.0. We tried even setting the session variable to nothing before pointing it to another recordset... which didn&#039t work. <BR><BR>Are we missing out on something ???? what needs to be done for this issue....<BR><BR><BR>Awaiting help<BR>Mohan Krishna R.<BR>mailto:mohankrishna@inf.com<BR><BR><BR><BR>