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    Hey --<BR><BR>If I have an ASP server that doesn&#039;t have any ASP mailing objects, or sendmail, but I do have an SMTP server set up on a remote machine with a static IP, is there a way that I can have an ASP page on the machine without a mail server pass variables to the machine with a mail server without revealing the static IP address to the client? <BR><BR>In other words, can I pass variables to a remote script on the server side?<BR><BR>Also, if there&#039;s a better way to do this (I know, I know... "Get a better hosting service!") info about that would be appreciated too.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dan

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    Default Possible? Sure.

    Impelentation could be a serious pain in the *** though.<BR><BR>It&#039;s called DCOM, and it ain&#039;t for the faint of heart.<BR><BR>You may also look into seeing what MTS can do for you... for some reason, I thought MTS would allow you to do this. Dunno if you&#039;re allowed to put custom components on your hosting company though?

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