.JPG on Desktop Causing Slow Network??

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Thread: .JPG on Desktop Causing Slow Network??

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    IS there any way, shape or form that having a .jpg or .bmp on my desktop computer as a background would slow down the office network?<BR><BR>Our techs are coming around and taking them off.<BR><BR>I ask here because you folks are so knowlegeable . .<BR><BR>And I am not talking about active destop

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    they said that??<BR><BR>Give them a good slapping and send them on their way....I hope they&#039;re not serious

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    Default Kinda...

    If it is a peer-to-peer network, where each machines is being accessed by the others, then Yes. This is because a JPG or BMP as a background takes up system resources, thus making the computer run slower. If someone is connecting to a slow machine, the response is going to be slow.<BR><BR>If it is a Client/Server (what the hell term would you use here) network, then most likely not. Active Desktop will be turned on if you are using a JPG for the desktop background. Only BMPs can be used without it.<BR><BR>Now, chances are that is the excuse they are claiming - but generally corporate policies dictate that on "tasteful" pictures maybe put onto the background. Other dictate that the user not change anything about their computer. And other MIS departments just have sticks up their collective asses and want absolute control.<BR><BR>I would do what they way - most likely you have something cutesy as your background and not something that is essential to your job. If it is, take the file to a Kinkos, have them print out and tape it to your wall and then submit an expense report for the print costs. While your at kinkos, but something expensive and expense that too! You were there because they forced you into going so the company owes it to you. Oh, yeah - don&#039;t forget your mileage to Kinkos and back - make sure you expense that.<BR><BR>No matter what, quite you f**king whining. It&#039;s just a background.<BR><BR>-Doug

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