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    Cullen Guest

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    I have a simple problem that I need to solve.<BR>I have a window in an asp page that needs to get updated when<BR>the database changes. One possibility is to do a refresh every few seconds but I&#039d like something more elegant.<BR>I have 3 questions 1.Is this possible with ASP?<BR>2. Is there a component that could do this?<BR>3. Do I need to have a java applet embedded to accomplish this?<BR><BR>thanks

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    Gary Van Sluis Guest

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    1.) ASP is server-side your question is client side oriented. <BR><BR>For your situaion you would need a persistant connection to the database. The only technology I have used (THERE MAY BE OTHERS) related to ASP and doing somthing like you want is to use remote scripting which uses a Java applet running in the background that will keep the connection alive and allow you to issue new commands ( SELECT THIS FROM THAT ) for runtime events like scrolling or mouse clicks. Perfect for Intranets, BAD BAD BAD for intrenet.<BR><BR>If you have enough background and a datbase that supports triggers you could write your own Java applet that keeps the connection open, a DB trigger that informs the applet, but that would be VERY time consuming, and in the long run probably make you some $$ on the web.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary<BR>

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