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    vwisneski Guest

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    Often I test a page, make a change, and then refresh the page to see the change. Some pages have forms and if the information is sent once, then everytime I try to refresh the page the browser tells me that it has to resend the information. I think that this is causing problems, particularly when I want to send different information. How do I clear this stored info so that different info can be sent everytime. <BR>Thanks<BR>vw

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    This article should help you:<BR><BR>

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    Gary Van Sluis Guest

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    I think I am having difficulty with your question. When you have a form and you submit it. Then you get to page 2 and see the results are not as you like. So you make changes to your code to fix the problem and then click on refresh. It will tell you it has to resend. This is natural behavior. If you want to send different information simply click back on your browser, fill in your form data you want changed and then click on submit again. If I am missing something please let me know.<BR><BR>Gary

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