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    Hi, I have two different problems.<BR><BR>1] I want to open a new instance of the browser when i click on a link or a button. I know i can do this by the code: <BR>target="_new"<BR>How do I set the browser properties so that the new window does not contain any toolbars and is always opened in the maximised form ?<BR><BR>2] I am calling a query that contains an aggregate function from asp on a view. The view is in SQL Server 7.0 database.<BR><BR>sSql="select sum(value) date from V01 group by date"<BR> sSql,con,3,3<BR><BR>(V01 is the view)<BR><BR>I am not getting any records.<BR>The same query runs in SQL Query Analyzer and returns a recordset. Also queries with no aggregate functions are working fine.<BR>What could be the problem? Is it that aggregate functions dont work on views through asp ?<BR><BR>Thanks..<BR><BR>

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    Ok, in turn:<BR><BR>1) You can&#039;t. If you want to specify properties for the new window then you need to open it using the method. Even that, however, will not let you maximise the window. Although you can give it the same size and height as the screen, and position it in the top-left.<BR><BR>2) Not quite sure why this is happening. Query Analyser likes it? Sorry - might need someone else on that one.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    You might find some helpful script here:<BR><BR><BR><BR>EmmaT

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