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Thread: ASP pages are not working

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    Default ASP pages are not working

    I have created one asp page ,if i see it using MMC then it works first time, Now if i add some code to asp again and browse it from MMC it wont work<BR><BR><BR>Can anybody help .<BR><BR>It&#039;s urgent.My all project work stop becoz of this problem<BR><BR>AP

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    Default Explain "Won't work"?

    I suggest you turn OFF "Friendly HTTP Errors". Open IE, click "Tools", then "Internet Options". In the far-right tab there is a checkbox for "Friendly HTTP Errors". UNCHECK IT.<BR><BR>Then try again. What is the HTTP code? 500? You&#039;ve made a mistake in your ASP. 404? You&#039;ve deleted it. 401.3 you don&#039;t have access rights.<BR><BR>We need the error code, and possibly some of your code, to help.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default How are you going to the page?

    When you type in the URL, are you going to:<BR>http://webservername/file.asp<BR><BR>Or, most likely are you going to:<BR>C:InetpubWWWRootfile.asp<BR><BR>If you are double clicking on the file in MMC, you will be going to the 2nd way. Stop doing that.<BR><BR>ASP is a processed by the server and interpreted. When you double click on the file, the browser is reading the file directly from the hard drive by passing the server processing.<BR><BR>-Doug

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