Hi NT/2K&#039;ers, excuse me for the slightly off-topic question, but in my division we must setup an environment able to distribute updates of a 3-tier web application to a moltitude of other web sites.<BR>The application is based on MS technologies (i.e. ASP-HTML (first layer), COM+ (second layer), SQL2000 (third layer)).<BR>I would be able to distribute updates to other remote web sites, of our customers, that use the same MS environment, but with different machines and different physical structures (some have NLB, some not, some have clustering, some not etc).<BR>I would activate on my shop a maintenance web site, from which they can download their updates, in a "packetized" way. <BR>My problem is not related to the physical media to use (we have a sufficient network, or also we can use CD because the other web sites are in the same city), but my concern is how "packet" those updates in order to make them good for the different particular web sites.<BR>Did you ever have a similar kind of problem? Did you use only self-made scripts or also some products? <BR>Please, tell me about it.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Marco Guarnacci