Trying to sort using ascend in a database... hmmm.

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Thread: Trying to sort using ascend in a database... hmmm.

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    Default Trying to sort using ascend in a database... hmmm.

    How can I make the contestant rs sort with the points total??<BR>I&#039;m going through each position and whoever the contestant has it records their total point score into a variable and outputs the total. How can I write a function that sorts the contestants and point total together? An array before it displays? Need help!<BR><BR>Contestant Points<BR>----------- -------<BR>{rsContestants.Contestant} &#060;Asp&#062;<BR><BR>Asp Code for points:<BR><BR> &#060;%rsPosition.movefirst<BR> do until (rsContestants.Fields.Item("AQB1").Value) = (rsPosition.Fields.Item("Name").Value) <BR> rsPosition.movenext<BR> loop<BR> dim points<BR> points = (rsPosition.Fields.Item("WildcardPts").Value) + (rsPosition.Fields.Item("DivSemiPts").Value) + (rsPosition.Fields.Item("DivFinalPts").Value) + (rsPosition.Fields.Item("SuperBowlPts").Value)<BR> .....<BR>.....<BR>response.write points + pointsa + pointsb + pointsc +pointsd + pointse + pointsf + pointsg + pointsh + pointsj + pointsk + pointsl + pointsm + pointsm + pointsn + pointso + pointsp + pointsq + pointsr + pointss + pointst + pointsu<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR ><BR><BR>

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    Default Should be able to do it...

    ...with only one query, only one recordset.<BR><BR>Doing "nested" recordset queries and "searches" in VBS code is...well...pretty horrible. Performance sucks, to say the least.<BR><BR>How about showing the layout of the two tables and explaining how the tables are related?<BR><BR>And what in the world are pointsa, pointsb, ..., pointsu in any case???<BR><BR>

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