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    I&#039;m in charge of creating a database backed org chart. Basically, when the page is accessed, it should create the org chart based on what is entered into the DB.<BR><BR>I have absolutely no idea how to accomplish this.<BR><BR>Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Hierarchy/Trees

    You are going to need research how to handle hierarchies which are basically just data in a tree view.<BR><BR>You are going to be looking have a table such as:<BR>tblEmployees<BR>EmpID<BR>EmpNameLast<BR>Emp NameFirst<BR>Emp_ManagerID &#060;-- Emp_ManagerID will point to an EmpID in the same table.<BR><BR>Start getting used to joining onto the same table.<BR><BR>As you work through this, keep posting on here. I wrote an application that handled any corporate hierarchy (Region--&#062;Division--&#062;Department) that could be thrown at it.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default R&D LDAP

    heirarchical is the way to go....possibly a tree view...similar to how the messages on this board are layed out.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got one working, but I don&#039;t generate the heirarchy from the DB, I have that built manually, although it could be done with some work.<BR><BR>I guess I would figure out how many totems are on the totem pole..and create a code for each &#039;level&#039; in the heirarchy. Then align that code with each employee and build your navigation (or heirarchy) based on that code.<BR><BR>1 = Executives<BR>2 = Managers<BR>3 = Department leads<BR>4 = Minions<BR><BR>1-<BR> 2-<BR> 3-<BR> 4-

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