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    Carl Langan Guest

    Default IIS and default web-site

    I am setting up the default web-site in IIS, but the site is in a sub-directory of wwwroot. I was wondering if anyone knew how to set up the default site to NOT show the sub-directory in the URL? <BR><BR>Example:<BR>Site location: c:inetpubwwwrootwebsite<BR>Default location in IIS set to same location <BR>URL appears as: www.website.comwebsite<BR><BR>Is there any way to make it appear as www.website.com instead (minus the sub-directory) without moving the site directly into the wwwroot directory?<BR><BR>Carl.

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    JON Guest

    Default RE: IIS and default web-site

    Start up IIS (I&#039m assuming ver. 4).<BR>Click on the website folder (one level down from Internet Information Server) and hit properties. Click on the home directory tab and change the path name in Local path text box to the path you want. (C:inetpubwwwrootwebsite).<BR>Good Luck.

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