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    I am trying to iterate through my querystring variables but I don&#039;t want to use the <BR>For each sItem in Request.QueryString<BR>..<BR>Next<BR>The psuedocode I want to use is<BR>i = 1<BR>do while i &#060;= request.querystring.count<BR> if request.querystring(i).name = "type1" then<BR> &#039;do something<BR> elseif request.querystring(i).name = "type2" then<BR> &#039;do something different<BR> end if<BR> i = i + 1<BR>loop<BR>The thing is I don&#039;t know how to get the request.querystring&#039;s name. If the querystring is sdf.asp?type1=123&type2=asd, how do I get the name "type1" for the pseudocode described above. <BR>Thank You in advance

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    Just a shot in the dark.<BR><BR>Request.QueryString.items(i).name?<BR ><BR>What do you have against the For Each sItem in Request.Querystring?<BR><BR>-Doug

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