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    How to write a javascript that when you select item &#039;Other&#039; from a listbox, a text box labelled other will be enabled but when you selected item other than item &#039;Other&#039;, the textbox will be disabled? Thanks.<BR><BR>cc

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    call a function for the onChange event of the select element and pass the selectedIndex. In the function, check to see if the value or text of the select element at the specified index is the one that corresponds to "Other". If it is, enable the text box, if not, disable it.

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    before I can flame your laziness.<BR><BR>var disableMe = false;<BR><BR>function thisFunction(){<BR><BR>if (disableMe)<BR> document.formname.textboxname.blur();<BR>}<BR><BR> function thatFunction(selectname){<BR> if (selectname == &#039;Other&#039;)<BR> disableMe = true;<BR> else<BR> disableMe = false;<BR>}<BR><BR>&#060;SELECT... onchange="thatFunction();"&#062;<BR>&#060;INPUT TEXT... onFocus="thisFunction();"&#062;<BR>

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