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    Hi,<BR><BR>I wrote a file upload and save script on my development server and got it working fine. Today, I placed it on the main server, made the required changes to filepaths and permissions and checked to see it worked OK, which it did, so I went and unvieled it to the user ... who got an error.<BR><BR>This script works fine from my terminal, but not his. Even more strangely, it errors with a &#039;Server.CreateObject Can&#039;t create object&#039; kind of error at line 200. Line 200 is:<BR><BR>strTemp = colMoreMatches(0).value<BR><BR>So I&#039;ve no idea what it&#039;s doing. Do I have any suggestions on what&#039;s up and how to fix it, and how to find where it is actually erroring?

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    Does this work with NT logins or anything. You might try this:<BR>Place the following code...<BR>&#039;********************************* ****************<BR>response.write("The Bug is not before this line")<BR>response.end<BR>&#039;****************** *******************************<BR>In right before the line it claims is buggy. So you should see this. Then try putting the code after it. If you get the error, you&#039;ve found it. Its like trapping the "real" bug with trial and error.

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