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    I need to return a shipping charge on a form, based on the total cost of an order. There are 8 price ranges (of total cost) corresponding to 8 shipping charges. I was thinking building an array would be a good way to do this, rather than a bunch of &#039 If Then&#039s &#039, and also better than going to a table in a database to match up values. From what I have seen, I believe a 2 dimensional array would work well, but I have NO experience with arrays.<BR>Can anyone give me some help on building an array that would match up the order total with the correct shipping charge?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Ed Croson

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    Ed: Don&#039t know if I would use an array to do this. What happens if you need to update the shipping table? Better to manage this in a database. Centralizes the information and provides more flexiblilty for the future

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    phanindra.t Guest

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    instead of doing that use<BR>select (case) type<BR>case1:<BR>case 2:<BR><BR><BR>i did&#039nt remember the correct syntax <BR>please refer book reagrding the above use that it may work for you

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