is it really update or maybe ?

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Thread: is it really update or maybe ?

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    I have as ASP web pages with SQL server DB, and all db transactions are stored procedures, and all execution to these stored procedures are like this:<BR>Conn.execute sql ‘ if the stored procedure do not return any value<BR>And<BR>Set rs = Conn.execute (sql) ‘ if the stored procedure return values (read from DB)<BR>And these ASP pages have a heavy load (i.e. many hits or users at same time), my question is: <BR>1- doing like that make error in multi-user at same time ?<BR>2- is every update statement or delete statement will success ?<BR>3- I think in this way the cursor type is forward only (default) , is that will affect?<BR>If yes, what should it be?<BR>4- also what about the lock type, what should it be? Or let it as default ??<BR><BR>note: all the stored procedures are so simple , just simple select, insert, update or delete.<BR>I will be thankful if u help …<BR>

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    SQL Server handles locking for you. you shouldn&#039;t experience any concurrency errors. cursor type doesn&#039;t matter on updates, only on selects<BR><BR>as for locking, again, depends on the statement

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