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    I wanna to do indexing on a short paragraph input by user in a textfield. So, before that I&#039;ll have to save the content of the textfield into a notepad. Have anyone got any idea on how can I do this? For your information, I&#039;m new in ASP but I need to do this urgently. I read about the FileSystem Object. Can I use this? And what&#039;s the different between FileSystemObject and TextStream? Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Default Yeah, you can use the FSO.

    The FileSystemObject (FSO) will let you create/modify/delete/move/etc files on the server. Therefore, you could quite easily create a file and write the text into it.<BR><BR>The TextStream I&#039;ve never used, but I&#039;m pretty sure it works the same way - it lets you open a text file and stream text into/out of it.<BR><BR>There are some examples of creating files if you look at the FileSystemObject documentation (, or there are several examples on<BR><BR>Craig.

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