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Thread: BLOB datatype to .pdf document

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    I have a client who is storing Purchase Orders in an SQL 2000 database as a blob datatype. He has asked me to take the binary data from the database and convert it to a pdf document. While getting the data from the database is a simple task, i have no clue where to start after that. any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Brian

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    There are several ways to create a PDF. If you install Adobe Acrobat it includes two printer drivers; PDFWriter and PDFDistiller. Either of those will convert a printable file to a PDF. There&#039;s also a product called activePDF. Their Web site is at Another solution is PDFlib at I would suggest going to There are several good solutions to producing PDFs easily. The one you choose depends on the problem you&#039;re trying to solve. Happy hunting.

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