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    hello!<BR><BR>anyone could possibly help. I&#039;m wondering if there is an equivelant of setTimeout of javascript in vbscript. I am triyng to set the timeout time of apge using vbscript. <BR><BR>any help will be highly appreciated<BR><BR>regohn

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    setTimeout() is a method of the browser&#039;s window object, and therefore is language neutral. you could use it in perlscript of you wanted (and had the engine installed)<BR><BR>window.setTimeout(&#039;statemen t&#039;, waittime); // javascript<BR>window.setTimeout("statement", waittime) &#039; VBScript<BR>window-&#062;setTimeout(&#039;statement&#039;, waittime); # PerlScript<BR><BR>!!HOWEVER!!<BR><BR>I will NOT recomend that you use VBScript client-side. it&#039;s non-interoperable, and besides, much of what you&#039;ll be using is of the language-neutral variety anyway, jut use javascript<BR><BR>of course, what you&#039;re asking is to take a client-side method server-side. no can do, buddy.<BR><BR>Session.timeout exists, but it&#039;s for a rather different purpose to setTimeout() - what do you want to use this for exactly?<BR><BR>j<BR>

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