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    I have three tables:<BR><BR>Pick, Position, and Team.<BR><BR>Using rsPicks.Contestant and the rs.Pickposition I am able to pull out the Contestants personal picks for each position. Now I would like to write a SQL statement that can pull the team for each contestants unique player???

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    Default If you have two recordsets...

    ...you are doing it wrong already.<BR><BR>Show your table layouts, at least the important fields that link one table to another.<BR><BR>For example, I presume that you have<BR><BR>Team: Table<BR>teamID : primary key<BR>teamName : text<BR>...<BR><BR>Table: Position<BR>posID : primary key<BR>teamID : foreign key to Team table<BR>posName : text <BR>...<BR><BR>Or *something* along those lines. Show us all that kind of stuff (no need for the detail stuff...just the major fields of each table is enough).<BR><BR>Then we can do it all in one SQL query and one recordset.<BR><BR><BR>

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