I am desperately confused on this. I want to do a couple of simple things:<BR><BR>1) Have messages sent for a simple project management app stored in an exchange server public folder, and available to view on the site (ie I want to read them out of the exchange server and display them on a web page).<BR><BR>2) I want to add items to a users task list, contact list, and calendar from a web page.<BR><BR>I absolutely can not figure this out. I&#039;ve spent more than a day just reading stuff on the web, largely on MSDN. Most of the information out there seems to have been completely invalidated with the release of Exchange 2k. It seems like I need to use CDO, but I can not find any examples of how I can do any of the above items with Win 2k, Exch 2k, and ASP. Please help point me in the right direction!