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    Does any one know of a site (apart from the dimac site)that lists examples of sending email with JMail to multiple reciepients and being able to list emails in the inbox and read the messages when the hyperlink is clicked.Please let me know<BR>Thank you in advnce

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    I don&#039;t know what you are looking for but here is an example<BR><BR>Set JMail = Server.CreateObject( "JMail.SMTPMail" ) <BR>JMail.ServerAddress = "yourmailserverhere:25" <BR>JMail.Sender = "" <BR>JMail.Subject = "Email subject here" <BR>JMail.AddRecipient "Someemailaddress" <BR>JMail.AddAttachment "e:\inetpub\wwwroot\somefolder\filename"<BR>JMail. Body = "Your message here" <BR>JMail.Execute() <BR>Set Jmail = Nothing

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