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Thread: question about log files.

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    Default question about log files.

    i know this is not an asp questions as such. but didn&#039;t know where else to ask. <BR><BR>does the w3c log file type hold time of day?

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    The short answer is -- it looks like it.<BR><BR>You can see all of the properties that the w3c log format supports by doing the following:<BR><BR>1. Open your Internet Service Manager.<BR>2. Right click on the web site that you are interested in and choose Properties.<BR>3. On the "Web Site" tab, at the bottom, you should see Active Log Format. Make sure this has W3C Extended Log File Format in it.<BR>4. Choose Properties.<BR>5. Choose Extended Properties.<BR><BR>You can now see all of the properties that the w3c format is capable of cataloging.<BR><BR>HTH

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