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    sidhartha sinha Guest

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    In the development environment that we have, developers are working on win95/PWS machines and have VB / Oracle 8 client on their machines. The web server and database server (IIS 4.0 / oracle 8.0) are on separate machines.<BR>We are facing a problem with respect to unregistering active x dlls on the client machines (95/PWS). After running the Regsvr32 command the dlls get unregsitered and the only way to unload them from memory is to restart the client machine!!. the restarting of the machines is a pretty painful activity<BR>is there a way out -Please revert

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    TekTronix Guest

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    use this command to unload the PWS for the full 100%: PWS.EXE /STOP and PWS.EXE /START to start it again. You can place two fast-buttons in your windows-menu-bar or something.

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